Inspiring through art…one child at a time


Studio D Art-208 West Hall Ave Ste D


Welcome to my Studio D Art site.  I have been involved in art since I was a young child, taking art lessons at an early age.  I have dreamed of opening an art studio since I taught art to young children in the 80’s. SDA will be a diverse creative art studio.

Opening my studio has been 4 years of planning and originally meant to be a joint venture with my daughter. It has taken a great amount of effort on my part since she will not be able to take this journey with me…she passed away in 2013. She will now be with us in spirit at SDA, and the dream is finally a reality. I TRULY HOPE THIS BUSINESS IS SUPPORTED AND SUCCESSFUL AS I ENTER INTO A NEW CHAPTER IN MY LIFE

Not only will SDA cater to children, it will also offer adult art lessons and the relaxation and enjoyment of creating at our Sip n Paint Parties. You will have a great experience in our quaint atmosphere and walk out with art you will be proud to hang on your wall!

In addition to art instruction SDA offers a wide selection of unique handmade items for sale…glassware, jewelry, chalk painted layered wood crosses, and framed art. Plus the original art and reproductions created by artist Denise Dunham.  You will find many christian gift items for sale.

I have great theories on teaching art and hope to inspire children to stay with art and develop a life long passion for art.  After another 10 years has passed, I would like to watch as my students go out on their own still creating and practicing those skills they learned under my guidance.

There is an artist in all of us…we just have to choose to tap into the energy and develop the skill.  Children are special because IF they have not lost their interest in art, all I will have to do is draw on that energy and inspire creativity.  I hope to reach many children…and the benefits are endless!!!  Below you will see my goals as I INSPIRE each child through art.



You can view my work on my WordPress If you like the New Orleans Saints, you will be pleasantly surprised by visiting